A civil war breaks out in Washington, D.C. where an ex-government agent thwarts a fanatic businessman's scheme to rule the country.


    Citizens suspect an antitoxin drug distributed by the Federal government is actually an addictive tranquilizer. Civil war breaks out in Washington, D.C.

    Mailman John Spears, formerly a CIA agent before he was fired, is dragged back into the deadly game he left behind. He's forced to dodge assassins and search for his kidnapped sister. With the help of a lover and agent, Spears brings down the chemical giant businessman and his plans to control the world. In an explosive array of government cover-ups, official assassinations and intricate sub-plots, Spears unravels the largest conspiracy of the 20th century.

    John (late 30's) has lost his belief in the "Establishment" when he was fired from the CIA. He's dedicated and loyal, until he is double-crossed. Then he becomes ruthless and will fight to the end. His wry sense of humor often gets him into trouble.

    Carla (early 30's) is an attractive, aggressive African-American woman and John Spear's former lover. She maintains a high-ranking position in the Civilian Defense Front, a group of rebels opposed to the military's "Operation Urban Renewal". She shares John's commitment to fighting a "cause", but, as she has a child to support, knows the importance of family-comes-first.