Cecelia Lawshe
Head Story Analyst/Writer/Web Designer

In 1992 Cecelia won the America's Best competition in Television for her QUANTUM LEAP script "Ashes to Ashes". Her scripts and short stories have placed in various Writers Digest competitions and two of her short stories, "Gutter Dog" and "Gangs" have been published in Tyro Magazine and Chips Off The Writer's Block.

In 1996 a scene from Cecelia's science fiction script "Dreamland" was selected for Women In Film's first Post Oscar Showcase, produced by Sandra Lord, Ruth Bryant White and Alethea Thomas.

Cecelia Lawshe
Prior to joining CPC Entertainment, Cecelia was a Story Analyst and reader for Bette Midler's ALL GIRL PRODUCTIONS. Cecelia, a long-time member of Women In Film and The Scriptwriters Network, is also an active member of WIF's Scriptwriter's Group, headed by Maxine Jordan. She is responsible for CPC Entertainment's web site and also helping CPC Entertainment develop and adapt the Jenny Cain Mystery Series, written by Nancy Pickard, into movies-of-the-week and features. Her projects include:


The Jenny Cain Mystery Series written by Nancy Pickard and adapted to features and MOW's by CPC Entertainment.


    Jenny Cain, an ex-private eye, and her Police Lietenant boyfriend, Geoff Bushfield, are a GEN-X detective team.

    Jenny Cain (late 20's) Jenny Cain, an ex-private eye, inherited Cain Institute. People seek her help to fund their projects, and Jenny gets into trouble investigating their problems. Her boyfriend, Police Lieutenant Geoff Bushfield, investigates criminal aspects of these same problems, and ends up getting Jenny out of trouble which gets him into trouble. Danger and sexual tension escalates as the detective team of Jenny and Geoff get closer to the truth.


The Sanders family is changed forever when their youngest son, Luke, believes he possesses a magic coin that will change their future.


    Ray Sanders has been out of work for five years. When the family sells their sons' instruments to pay the rent and buy food, their youngest son, Luke, buys what he believes is a magic coin. The rest of the family joins this belief when their fortunes change for the better. But just when the money starts coming in, their lives deteriorate into jealousy, fighting, and divorce. Now that they have everything, they have nothing that really matters. Then they realize how magical the coin really is.


John Gleason's friend gives him a briefcase and asks him to open it in the event of his death. Then his friend is killed in an unexplained traffic accident.


    While at a Soldiers of Fortune meeting in Las Vegas, John Gleason's friend gives him a briefcase filled with highly secretive government documents. John thinks his friend is a crackpot because of his lifelong obsession with UFO's and aliens. After his friend dies in a mysterious traffic accident, John goes to his friend's family to console them, but they have disappeared without a trace. His search for answers leads him to a secret government installation known as "DREAMLAND". During his search, he discovers things he never wanted to know and becomes friends and co-conspirators with a group of "people" he never believed existed.


Strangers always affect our lives. After a stranger almost kills David's wife, he has to raise his two sons. While investigating his wife's accident, he realizes his wife of 17 years is also a stranger.


    David, a workaholic and closet gambler, is like a stranger to his family. His wife, Sharon, secretly in the witness protection program, is shot by a stranger and goes into a coma. Now David must raise his two sons, whom he doesn't know because he is never around them. As the investigation into Sharon's accident progresses, David realizes the wife he loves and has lived with for 17 years is as much of a stranger to him as he is to his children.


Judy plans a quiet holiday with her mother- and father-in-law, but her mother-in-law has other plans.


    Judy, a prissy, meticulous housewife/writer, invites her mother- and father-in-law for the holidays. Her husband, Joe, is up for a promotion, but it depends on his boss and boss's wife coming for dinner to make sure they have the proper family-type atmosphere. All hell breaks loose when Judy's mother-in-law invites the rest of Joe's family for the holidays. Joe's promotion hangs in the balance when his boss and his stuffy wife arrive for dinner. Before dinner ends, Joe's boss' wife is hauled away in an ambulance disruptive children and dogs and cats jump on the table.


Julie doesn't hate all men; just the ones over 10 years old. Then she meets a charming plumber who cleans out her pipes.


    Julie, divorced after 16 years of a hellish marriage, lives with her 80-yr-old mother and 16-yr-old teenage daughter. Julie's mother, recently widowed, had a wonderful 50-yr marriage and tries to fix Julie up with blind dates. Julie's daughter, just entering the dating scene, tries to fix Julie up with blind dates. Julie wants no part of their meddling, until she meets a charming plumber, living with his charming 80-yr-old, recently widowed father. When her mother and the plumber's father go to Las Vegas for a wedding, they rush to Vegas to stop the it before it is too late. On the way they reluctantly fall in love and end up having a double wedding with their parents.


Jessica has a wonderful life pursuing an acting career. Then she dies and is reunited with an old flame, only to be separated again when he returns to life.


    Jessica's mother made sure her daughter didn't get involved with Matthew, a guy from the "wrong side of the tracks", by sending her to Hollywood to pursue an acting career. After Matthew dies from a brain aneurism, his body is put into cryogenic storage. Jessica's mother goes to Hollywood to make sure Jessica doesn't find out and return home. In Hollywood, she sees the stressful life Jessica is living and tries to persuade her to go away somewhere for some rest. On the way to an audition, Jessica has a fatal car accident. Not realizing she is dead, she believes her mother placed her in a rest home. As Jessica lies comatose in the hospital, her mother struggles with the decision to let Jessica go or keep her on life support for the rest of her life. Jessica reunites with Matthew, who helps her come to terms with her death and the promise that they will be together forever. Matthew refuses to return to life because he is waiting until his body can be revived and he can return to it. After the crogenic's storage facility blows up and he has no body to return to, he decides its time to begin a new life on Earth. Now Jessica is faced again with losing the man she loves. As Jessica's mother decides to release her daughter to death, Jessica plunges back to life as Matthew's twin sister.


Television Short Stories
Ashes to Ashes ("Quantum Leap")
(won 1992 America's Best Award
for Television)
Gutter Dog
(Published in "Tyro Magazine"
Horses Wild ("Quantum Leap") Gangs (published in
"Chips Off the Writer's Block")
N.D.E. ("Quantum Leap") Threads of the Weaving
To Have Not ("Quantum Leap") Pueblo Woman
Joker's Wild ("Wings") Strawberry Ice Cream
Life's Little Changes ("Roseanne") Stanley's Dilemma
The Dentist ("Seinfeld") They Always Die
The Gift ("The Torkelsons") Candy
  The Care and Feeding of Caterpillars
Radio Plays I Knew I Could
The DimTrans A Day In The Life
Water World The Missing Carrot Pie
The Dinner Misty
The Other Side The Pullover
  One For The Many
Children's Play And Then There Were None
Growing Up The Whale Watch
  Winchell, The Silly Witch
  White Cloud & Jack