A Thriller-Comedy by Tim Kazurinsky
Based on the book by best-selling author Kate McMullan

A New York teenager kisses an Egyptian Mummy, brings her back to life, and sets loose an ancient feud that terrorizes his family and the entire city.


    Peter's friend, Rodent, dares him to kiss a Mummy. His kiss awakens a 13-yr-old Princess who proclaims him "The Chosen One." The kiss unleashes the spirit of Zara, an evil sorceress with unfinished business.

    Zara heads straight for New York City. When Zara killed the Princess 3,000 years ago, she stole one-half of her magic amulet. The other half will give her eternal life and complete power. Her comic pranks, ability to morph into any person she wants, and her terror tactics turn New York City upside down and disrupts Peter's life and his family's. Peter and the Mummy Princess (invisible to all but Peter) armed with her half of the magic amulet, try to outsmart the evil Zara. The Mummy Princess needs the other half of the amulet so her soul can be at peace and she can join the spirits of her family.

    The climax comes in Central Park when the extinct animals from the Museum of Natural History, commandeered by the evil sorceress, do battle with the Mummy Princess's friends - half animal/half human ancient figures from the Metropolitan museum. This film has the best aspects of the old TOPPER films with people talking to empty chairs, mixed with Ghostbuster's-style humor, and true thriller terror.

    Zara An evil sorceress who has 3,000 years of revenge to enact. She isn't your typical evil sorceress who merely points a wand and disintegrates her subject - she's worse. Zara likes to "torment" her captives by playing cruel and irritating tricks. Zara would get a huge kick out of making someone unable to tie their shoelaces for an entire day.

    Peter (13-years-old) A basically good kid whose achievements are often overshadowed by his parent's separation. He is quiet and introspective until he is with his best friend Rodent, who brings out the teenager in him.