A Murder-Mystery by Jerry McNutt, a contemporary Eve's Bayou/L.A. Confidential

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Derek investigates the death of a black friend and discovers a brutal crime he unknowingly caused as a child.


    A mysterious death brings Derek home for the funeral of a childhood friend and mentor. Dump Sanders, a black junk dealer, dies in a freak auto accident. Feeling guilty about not staying in touch, Derek writes an article paying tribute to the man who once saved his life and taught him how to dream.

    While interviewing Dump's relatives in the nearby community of Greyrock, Derek is met with hostility and accusations of a crime that happened when he was a child. He also learns Dump's death was no accident and discovers that a teenage boy is missing.

    As Derek investigates, it becomes clear that no one is willing to discuss the past. Even his mother, when forced into an argument, will yield no more than, "You have no idea how dangerous this is." He soon finds his actions threaten the lives of many people.

    Derek befriends Celia, a young black woman from Greyrock who is reluctant to trust him. Full of anger from the belief that Dump was murdered, Celia creates her own agenda. When she and Derek uncover a horrible and mysterious crime of the past, it leads them to a man more dangerous than they could have imagined.

    As Derek reveals the killer, he must trust the residents of Greyrock who despise him most. Two worlds violently collide in the streets as a haunting figure of the past returns to settle a score with the man responsible for twenty years of brutality and aggression.