A Thriller by David Abrams

Framed for her lover's murder, they're on the run and under the gun.


    Elle wants revenge. She steals the diamonds from her ex-boyfriend, a double-crossing cat-burglar. Shots ring out. Her ex is murdered. She flees with the killer in pursuit, dropping the diamonds. She commandeers Perry's car, who's on the way to his pre-wedding dinner. The killer phones the cops, says he witnessed a murder, and gives Perry's license plate number. Now that he's a wanted killer, he's tied to Ellea whether he likes it or not.

    Perry aspires to be a thriller writer, and is secretly enjoying every minute of his time with Ella. They struggle to stay one step ahead of the killer while Perry tries to reach his bride-to-be, and Ella tries to steal the diamonds from the killer to renezvous with her boyfriend in Cabo. Dodging bullets and a tightening dragnet, they survive on their wits as a begrudging relationship develops.

    Ella Shea (young 20's) Ella is one tough cookie. A sexy, scrappy, street-smart survivor, worldly-wise beyond her twenty-some odd years. Her drunk/gambler father forced Ella to find life guidance through the employees at Gold's Gym. Ella can throw a punch or pull a heist without batting a beatiful eyelash.

    Perry Jordan (young 20's) Perry is well-educated in everything but life. He's just out of college, a wannabe thriller writer, with little life experience and a repo company he hopes will provide him with money and material for his novels. So far he has been drifting through college to love, leaving him unsatisfied and only able to express himself through a quick wit and an ironic sense of humor.