A Spy Drama by Akio Ninagawa, adapted from Yvonne Adrian's award-winning play LEGENDARY SIREN Based on Iva Toguri's true story.

Was Tokyo Rose a sexy black widow who lured thousands of GI's to their death? Or a media scapegoat wrongly accused of treason? Tabloid reporter Walter Winchell thought he knew.


    Young Iva Toguri, a UCLA co-ed, born in America of Japanese parents, is trapped in Tokyo when WWII begins. She is unwillingly pressed into service as the infamous "Tokyo Rose" disk jockey to make propaganda broadcasts for the Japanese government.

    After the war, she returns to the U.S. expecting a hero's welcome home, and is greeted by the malicious frenzy whipped up by reporter Walter Winchell. He tries her case in the press, and publicly forces the U.S. government into trying her for treason. Was justice served? You be the judge.